Joshua's Developmental Milestones

Smile:  4 weeks but consistently from 7 weeks
Laugh:  8 weeks but consistently from 12 weeks
Rolled from Back: 4 months
Rolled from Stomach: 4 months but only did it twice until 8.5 months when he started doing it regularly.
Rested on Elbows: 5 months
Rocked on Hands and Knees: 9-10 months
Sat: 10 months
Moved into Sitting position:
Crawled:  Army Crawled- 11.5 months  Hands and Knees- Bunny Hopping 14 months
Pulled to Kneeling: 13 months
Pulled to Standing: 14 months but consistent from 15 months
Stood alone:  Approximately 24 months
Cruised around furniture: Starting 19.5 months
Walked with help: 21 months with a walker
First Steps: 26.75 months
Clapped: 8 months
Played Peekaboo: 15 months
Nodded Head (Yes):
Shook Head (No):  8 months (inconsistent) Getting Consistent- 19 months
Waved Hello/Goodbye: Getting Consistent at Bye- 19 months
First Words: 17 months